Today will go down in history as “Table Day” – yes, it is that momentous that we have named a day after it!

…well maybe not, but it is a huge opportunity for influential people who love to host.

You probably have seen the launch this week of 2018’s Lead Gen Summit. – Our 200-delegate gathering of some of the sharpest minds in the world of lead generation.

Now, with early bird tickets and VIP tickets about to sell out, we have constructed a fantastic way to access discounted tickets in bulk, but also to share your brand with 200 other delegates.

Introducing ‘HOST A TABLE’ Packages.

If you would like to have your logo printed and added to a central table display and be sat in the front half of the room, you can have an 8 person table all to yourself.

You can decorate it, add your swag and treat your clients, suppliers, team to a great day out with breakfast and lunch included for only £30 per ticket (with no booking fees).

That makes a table only £240 for 8 people fully catered.

Add the 8 amazing speakers and a truck load of informative actionable content and you have a full throttle day of entertaining and educational greatness!

So why not be the ‘host with the most’ and book your table today.

Email me at [email protected] for more info.

Or watch me talk about it more via this video…

Have a great weekend.

Richard Woods
Managing Director
0203 137 1698

2018’s Lead Gen Summit
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