Jordan Bucknell is the founder and owner of Upbeat Agency, a Facebook and Instagram advertising agency based in Brixton, London.

They specialise in helping B2C E-commerce stores get the best possible results from Facebook and Instagram.

This involves:

  • Creating robust advertising strategies to get long-term sustainable and scalable results
  • Building Ad Creative that gets the most amount of attention
  • Using Facebook’s targeting tools to profile audiences and get in-front of the right people
  • Drive incredible amounts of targeted traffic to their clients’ assets to generate the best ROI
  • Work closely with their clients to ensure a long and fruitful relationship for both parties

The agency provides monthly campaign management services and have a great track record for getting results.

They work with companies like National Geographic Kids, Base London Shoes, ProCook, The Perfect Cosmetics Company all the way through to small and medium and sized businesses.

They are a passionate group of Facebook fanatics and strive to get better results for our clients each month. They’ve got some big ambitions to grow a successful marketing agency with entrepreneurship and forward-thinking at its core.

Jordan Bucknell
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