Anthony is a leading expert on Telephone Engagement, specialising in helping business to improving Customer Service levels and Sales results over the phone.

His approach is particularly effective for cultivating those low volume, high value sales leads that are not normally responsive to cold calls, and working with account managers to “Up-Serve” their existing clients. Proving that “Service Drives Sales” no matter what you do.

Whether you’re looking to increase your conversion rate on incoming leads/enquiries, or find more opportunities to win business with both New or Existing customers, we guarantee to help you improve any ANY KPI within the business.

If you need help generating quality leads and effective ways of finding more opportunities, then you’re in the right place. If you don’t consider yourself a natural “salesman” but find yourself responsible for creating new sales opportunities, then I can show you the perfect blend of Marketing and Sales techniques to get you in front of more of the right kinds of people.

Anthony Stears Telephone Sales Speaker
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